The future of work calls for smart, reliable, and fast solutions for better decision-making. Businesses today are moving from traditional paper-based processes to advanced digital applications. Conversion of manual documents, data, or procedures to a digital format is digitization. However, mere conversion is not enough to create or add value. Organizations call for digitalization; transform your business by leveraging technology for increased revenue generation.

Digitalization in HR

Like all business functions, Human Resources is also going through a massive transformation from paper to digital. HR practices around the globe are becoming more diverse, inclusive, and accessible to existing and potential workforce. It enables HR professionals to receive valuable insights, create a collaborative culture, and formulate effective employer branding strategies.

Here are five ways digitalization is impacting Human Resources for the better:

People Analytics for Employee Retention

One of the many advantages of people or HR analytics is data-driven employee insights. HR Professionals can utilize this data to manage employee retention and reduce voluntary turnover. For example, data extracted through employee exit interviews can help identify similar patterns. Based on these insights, HR professionals can make better people and policy decisions that help retain the valuable workforce.

Improved Employee Experience

HR leaders can enhance the overall employee experience through smooth and user-friendly systems in place. Making HR policies accessible across the employee base for quick referencing, eliminating lengthy paper-based forms, and implementing a digital Performance Management process are a few ways to enrich the employee experience.

Promote E-Learning

Training and development initiatives can be supported through in-house e-learning modules and digital platforms such as a Learning Management System. HR Professionals can run a company-wide Training Need Analysis to identify the skill gap, and subsequently reduce the gap by helping employees acquire the necessary skills to perform their job. Long-term learning programs for technical skills such as Advanced Excel or MS Project and track employee progress through scored quizzes and hands-on exercises can also be improved.

E-Recruitment Portal

The talent acquisition process can be made transparent and smooth through a digital recruitment portal. An online portal will help Talent Acquisition personnel to manage the recruitment of multiple positions efficiently and reduce the overall Time to Fill. It also makes shortlisting easier as it matches relevant candidates to required skills and experience with the help of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). E-Recruitment portals also let candidates track their application status and stay updated in real time.

Improved Employer Branding

HR Leaders can use the digital space to attract potential talent and project their organization to the masses as a brand. Employer branding via social media platforms, company websites, blogs, and digital marketing tools is essential in today’s age. HR can promote company vision, values, unique culture, and employee experience and establish their organization as a place worth working for. It helps not only in retaining existing employees but also in attracting potential talent.

Final Thoughts

Digitalization is the future of work, and HR is no exception. HR professionals can now get valuable insights through people analytics and improve the overall employee experience. Online platforms such as e-learning modules and e-recruitment portals reduce paperwork, save time, and ensure a smooth process. Companies can create online communication channels to improve employer branding to the internal and external audiences.

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