Strategic HR Consulting

In an increasingly competitive environment, we understand that your organization strives to be at the top. By working in collaboration with métier, our consultants will provide you with flexible and pragmatic solutions so that the right organizational strategy can be implemented.

Our seasoned team can provide you with expertise in the following areas:

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Digital HR Solutions

With the changing global environment, the role of Human Resources is also shifting rapidly into becoming a strategic business partner. As Companies expand, the challenge being faced is combining Human Resources with technology.

We can help you assess where your HR design is today and where you need to be, design a flawless employee life cycle experience from recruitment & onboarding to separation, and provide solutions to help measure your HR & people analytics.

Our solutions provide you with interactive HR dashboards and other technology solutions that help you analyze data to make superior business decisions faster.

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Talent Acquisition

There are hundreds of candidates that can be recruited to fill a role in your organization. There is only one candidate that is the best fit.
We help you find that one.
We guarantee to help you find a candidate that is the right cultural fit and has the correct skill set as per your requirements. At métier, by using targeted Executive search we ensure that you select the right individual from a strong group of possible candidates.
Taking particular care to match skills, aspirations, cultural fit, and experiences, we help you make the best possible selection decision.
Our experts have experience in formulating talent strategies and ensure that you are provided with personalized talent solutions for your organization. We create successful long-term partnerships and transform business results by enabling our clients to make the right decisions.

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métier is renowned for its expertise comprehensively equipped with innovative recruitment services in addition to its competitive edge with strong, functional networking abilities. We encourage and reinforce the practice of Takaful in the insurance industry not just in its concepts but takaful’s shared-risk USP and the ESG imperatives imbued within the Maqasad al Shariah for the benefit of all.

Our seasoned team possesses a wide range of techniques along with customized human resource strategies to train businesses to manage, balance and transform their presence in their respective markets and industries. We provide successful planning of employee management that becomes a pivot to attracting skilled and talented individuals towards an organization.

Our expertise is focused on analyzing the finer aspects, culture and business objectives of every region within the Takaful Industry with the aim to forge long-term relationships with them.

We promise deliverance of impeccable resources to further hone businesses to carve deeper niches in their sectors, and pride ourselves to never have fallen short of expectations.

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Training Solutions

métier HR Consultancy offers customizable actuarial, takaful, insurance and soft skills trainings to organizations across the GCC. We are one of the top training providers across the region and have a wide plethora of training topics to ensure that the learning and development requirements of your organization are met.

Metier provides hands on training to participants that will increase their knowledge and contribute effectively to the success of your organization!

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Other Solutions

  •  Project Management
  •  Strategic HR Consulting
  •  Learning & Development
  • HR Softwares
  • Talent Management
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Organisational Development
  • Nationalisation Services

At métier we offer a personalized HR experience that is primarily focused on your culture and business strategy. We strive to contribute to your HR requirements in a way that contributes to the overall objectives of your organization.