Strategic HR Consulting

In an increasingly competitive environment, we understand that your organization strives to be at the top. By working in collaboration with métier, our consultants will provide you with flexible and pragmatic solutions so that the right organizational strategy can be implemented.

Our seasoned team can provide you with expertise in the following areas:

Change is the one thing that is constant in every organization. The way the change is managed defines whether an organization will succeed or not. Through our expertise, tools and materials, our Consultants help guide you and your organization to build a business environment that thrives on constant change.

Our process involves undertaking change assessments, formulating a change strategy, and then building a customized change capability for your organization.

At métier, we understand that one of the biggest challenges an organization faces is having ineffective processes for identifying and grooming the next generation of leaders. We help organizations simplify, create, and implement more effective succession planning strategies.

We provide succession planning strategies for C-suite executives, a talent review that clarifies understanding of talent at every level of the organization and determines whether effective succession planning is being undertaken and focus on individual development to meet the gaps required.

The success of each Company depends not only on its processes, systems and structure, but also on its people and how they act, interact and make decisions within the organization. Using this knowledge, our consultants create a customized strategy to create a purpose-driven organizational culture for your organization. We not only focus on your structure and roles, but also transform the way the work is being done and align your Company’s leadership and culture to create a highly driven environment.

We help you take bold steps to transform and restructure your organization in meeting its full potential and ensuring that the change efforts result in sustained and enhanced performance.

Your HR Strategy is the key to ensuring that your organization runs smoothly. Our consultants help align your HR strategy to your key business objectives to ensure that the maximum benefit is being obtained.

We assist you with developing your HR strategy in relation to performance management, talent management, learning and development, compensation strategy, and planning & culture.

By building an HR framework for your organization, we unlock the potential of your workforce.

1. As your businesses grows, it is important to ensure that the correct employee policies are implemented in your organization. At métier, we offer the following solutions:

i. Review of current policies to ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies.

ii. Development of policies.

iii. Implementation of policies and all relevant processes, including training to all Managers.

2. An employee handbook is one of the most important tools to communicate your company values to your employees as well as ensuring that they are aware of all current policies. We help you develop this handbook by putting in place the right HR policies and procedures.

A job evaluation will help you determine the importance of each job in the organization. Our consultants can help you determine how jobs relate to each other and then determine a reward and/or salary structure for your organization.

Our consultants help you conduct surveys across your organization and provide you the best possible solutions to the problem areas identified. Our surveys include:
1. Employee Engagement Survey
2. Employee Satisfaction Survey
3. Employee Benefits Survey
4. Culture Survey
5. Employer Improvement Survey