Metier’s commitment to the Growth Of  Takaful

Takaful Talent

Our collaboration with various Takaful clients has provided us with in-depth experience and insight into each of their visions and expectations in order to assist them in achieving their desired result. Our services enable our clients to flourish within their industries and gain competitive edge over others in their focused strategic regions.

We feel accomplished to state that we have strengthened the Takaful sector through our expertise by playing a vital role in investing in their skills and resources resulting in their successful market penetration and expansion beyond their local market. Our skilled and qualified personnel are geared to fueling the Takaful sector towards growth, consequently contributing to a larger economic growth.
We continuously strive towards providing our clients with operational and marketing leverage through unique solutions by offering the best tailored recruitment skills for their business plans in order to not only achieve the desired output, but to create a long-lasting image in the market as well. By focusing on the Takaful sector, we have had the opportunity to create lifelong synergies by attaining long-term objectives set by our clients. métier’s dedication towards creating relationships with our clientele has garnered significant value in our services by being the face of change in the overall growth of Takaful sector.

Since the advent of Takaful as a shared-risk insurance program ideal for any sized businesses to protect their assets or experience minimal damage, the need for training in the knowledge, awareness and practices of the policies becomes essential. In order to remain in the contemporary sphere of constant innovation, métier has designed training programs that covers not just the broader insurance sector but conducts focused training on the principles and implementation of Takaful as well.

Training Segment: Takaful

  • Introduction to Takaful
  • Difference between Insurance and Takaful – in concept and contract
  • Takaful through Time
  • Global Landscape
  • Refinement of Concept
  • Current Challenges
  • Global Scenario
  • Target Market
  • Best Practices
  • Models and structures of takaful
  • Shariah compliance and governance
  • Products and Schemes
  • Lesson and Challenges to be learnt
  • Future Trends

Training Segment: Micro Takaful

  • Definition of Micro Takaful
  • Advantages of Micro Takaful
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Global Landscape
  • Core Ingredients of Micro Takaful
  • Key Life-cycles and Risk Events
  • Micro-Takaful products
  • Models and structures of micro-takaful
  • Shariah compliance and governance
  • Lesson and Challenges to be learnt
  • Future Trends