Talent Acquisition

Our Talent Acquisition Solutions include:

There are hundreds of candidates that can be recruited to fill a role in your organization. There is only one candidate that is the best fit.
We help you find that one.
We guarantee to help you find a candidate that is the right cultural fit and has the correct skill set as per your requirements. At métier, by using targeted Executive search we ensure that you select the right individual from a strong group of possible candidates.
Taking particular care to match skills, aspirations, cultural fit, and experiences, we help you make the best possible selection decision.
Our experts have experience in formulating talent strategies and ensure that you are provided with personalized talent solutions for your organization. We create successful long-term partnerships and transform business results by enabling our clients to make the right decisions.

Hiring the right person for your organization may sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Our seasoned consultants help you organize and conduct recruitment assessments that will allow you to practically assess each candidate’s skill before hiring them, thus making sure that you get the right fit in terms of skills for your organization.

a. Induction Programs and Processes:
An employee’s first day marks the rest of their experience with the organization. We provide you with a complete induction plan – from orientation, induction training plans, personalized contracts etc. that make sure that your new hire’s induction into the Company is a great experience!