métier Total Rewards Survey 2021 – GCC Insurance Sector

Reliable data you need to drive attraction, retention and engagement of your talent.

Is your TR strategy competitive enough to attract and retain the best talent in the insurance sector? Are you willing to invest and ensure that your organization has up-to-date data driven insights on the best TR practices in the region to execute long-term business strategies and drive results?

Talent attraction and retention in the post-pandemic era requires a Total Rewards (TR) strategy, supported by reliable data to give organizations a competitive edge.

Divided into four components, métier’s Total Rewards survey aims to study industry practices across the GCC Insurance Sector and gather insightful data to help companies make strategically informed decisions.

métier Total Rewards Survey 2021 – GCC Insurance Sector
TR Survey Components
  • Compensation: Salary, Allowances and Incentives given to employees for their services
  • Benefits: Promoting improved standard of living for employees through additional monetary benefits
  • Work Environment: Focusing on employee wellness & well-being, and promoting a healthy workplace culture
  • Development: Availability of training and career development opportunities for employees
Why Should you participate?
  1. Pay fairness: Enable your organization to design its compensation strategy more equitably and know where you stand in the industry.
  2. Up-to-date data: Get access to up-to-date insights in the insurance industry that enables smart strategic decision making.
  3. Talent Management: Devise a total rewards strategy that attracts, retains and rewards key talent.
  4. Benchmarking Report: Receive customized benchmarking data for your organization and a report that is free of cost
Purchase Of Report

The survey will cost USD 2,500/- exclusive of VAT for purchase.
Organizations that participate in the survey will receive the report for free.